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Bean sprout machine features:
Heating system: adopt wind heating system, fast heating, less power consumption and long life (10 years or so). The other bean sprouts in the market are heated by heating pipes, and the heating pipes need to be changed every year. Use wind heating system to save electricity and money.
Sprinkling water system: there are two kinds of fixed and mobile sprinkling water. The colleagues are fixed watering. The sprinkling water system of our plant is uniform, which is conducive to the growth of bean sprouts.
Bean shell sheller:
It is suitable for 1-3 cm of soybean bean mouth, and can remove soybeans from soybeans. It can remove 600 pounds of bean paste per hour. The problem of removing the shell of bean paste is solved.
Soybean mung bean cleaning machine:
This machine integrates soybean and mung bean shelling machine, one machine dual-purpose, shelling 2 - 4 tons per hour, suitable for small and medium-sized bean sprouts production. Save space and save costs. The shell removal rate reached 98%.
Water line:
Our company has two kinds of stainless steel water line and aluminum alloy water line. Adopting PIC automatic control system, aluminium alloy sprinkler line is a new product developed by our company. It has the characteristics of uniform sprinkling, light weight and convenient installation.
Stainless steel bean sprout machine (integrated / assembled):
1. stainless steel bean sprout machine is divided into one machine and assembly machine. Adopt automatic temperature control and automatic sprinkling system. Stainless steel bean sprouts insulation material using foam technology, heat preservation effect is better. The inside and outside of the fuselage and the water tank are all made of 304 stainless steel. This machine adopts warm air heating system, which has fast heating and long life.
2. stainless steel assembly machine can be assembled on site according to customer site, flexible and convenient.
Bud seedling machine:
The sprouting machine is divided into a glass door sprout seedling machine and a composite plate seedling sprouting machine.
It is suitable for the production of many kinds of sprouts. Adopt automatic temperature control, automatic sprinkler system, spraying spray head of each layer of sprout box are used, spraying uniform, less water.
Shell suction machine (air energy sheller):
Bean sprout and shell separation technology were used to remove bean sprout shells, which is suitable for 5-10 cm short bean sprouts. The shell is fully separated and the shelling rate is over 98%. ,
Basket washing machine:
This machine adopts sprinkler cleaning, cleaning is comprehensive, neat, suitable for all kinds of bean sprout turnaround basket, the size can be adjusted.
The machine adopts large ball chain, which is more durable and flexible.
Vibration sieve:
Suitable for soybeans and mung bean hull, suitable for long bean sprouts, shell 1--2 tons per hour.
Peanut sprout machine:
Special peanut sprout machine adopts automatic temperature control and automatic sprinkling system.